Remuda Ranch


Remuda Ranch is the first place of

healing Chelsea went to. Due to lack of

Insurance help, we were only able to

leave her there for three months. For the

depth of Chelsea's eating disorder, this

was not long enough. We highly

recommend Remuda Ranch as a top

notch facility. Remuda is capable of

taking in girls who are not medically

stable and who do not want to get better.

This is where Chelsea was at the time we

took her there. Please click on the link

below to research Remuda Ranch for

your loved one.

Remuda Ranch



 Mercy Ministries


Mercy Ministries is where Chelsea's

healing is coming to completion. We

could never thank the staff, and

especially Nancy Alcorn who founded

Mercy Ministries, enough for all of the

love, support, and total dedication to the

 girls. Each person who works for Mercy,

 is called to be there! It is truly a blessing

 to see the callling in their lives to do

this job, working in the life of my

precious child! Mercy is for those who are

 medically stable and ready to be healed.

 Please check out Mercy Ministries if you

are ready to live again! And by the way,

 it is FREE! Click the link below and take

the first step!

Mercy Ministries


Good Times At Mercy Ministries 


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